Carnegie Learning Initial Implementation Courses: Math

Math Initial Implementation: MATHbook + MATHia (PL103-2021)

Get ready to use Carnegie Learning's Math Solution in your classroom. This course is for teachers that will be using both MATHbook and MATHia.

This course will help you to be able to...
▪ Access and explain the key features of the Carnegie Learning math resources.
▪ Recognize strategies used to develop and maintain a blended, collaborative classroom.
▪ Use Teacher’s Toolkit to manage students and content and Edulastic to access and edit assessments.
▪ Access support and resources on MyPL and Community.
▪ Explain the big ideas and intentions of the Module and Topic Overviews.
▪ Plan the facilitation of a MATHbook lesson.
▪ Create and maintain a collaborative learning environment.
▪ Utilize the tools provided to assess progress and adjust instruction.

PD Hours: 12 Course Instructor(s): Janet Tomlinson

  • Getting Started (⁓15 min)
  • Welcome (Start Here)
  • Setting Up My Learning Plan for This Course
  • MyCL Account Access
  • Ink Your Thinking: KWL Chart
  • LONG + LIVE + MATH Community
  • Carnegie Learning's Instructional Approach (⁓30 min)
  • Carnegie Learning's Instructional Approach Section Overview
  • Carnegie Learning's Guiding Principles
  • Discussion Board: Guiding Principles
  • Blended Learning and Instructional Approach
  • Flipgrid: In Your Own Words: Engage + Develop + Demonstrate
  • CL Math Solution Graphic Organizer (Blended Solution)
  • Carnegie Learning Math Solution Resources (⁓75 min)
  • Carnegie Learning Math Solution Resources Section Overview
  • Navigating MATHbook Resources in MyCL
  • A Meeting of the Minds (Student Lesson)
  • Discussion Board: A Meeting of the Minds (Student Lesson)
  • Instructional Approach in MATHbook
  • MATHbook: Student Edition Walkthrough
  • A Meeting of the Teacher Minds: An Introduction to the Teacher Resources
  • MATHbook: Teacher's Implementation Guide Lesson Walkthrough
  • CL Math Solution Graphic Organizer (MATHbook)
  • Why MATHia? (⁓10 min)
  • Why MATHia? Section Overview
  • What We Love About MATHia
  • Mrs. Briceño's MATHia Story
  • Check for Understanding: Mrs. Briceño's MATHia Story
  • Introduction to MATHia: The Student Perspective (⁓60 min)
  • Introduction to MATHia: The Student Perspective Section Overview
  • MATHia Demo: Mastery Problem
  • Check for Understanding: Mastery Problem Demo
  • MATHia Exploration
  • MATHia Notice and Wonder
  • CL Math Solution Graphic Organizer (MATHia)
  • The Tools of MATHia (⁓30 min)
  • The Tools of MATHia Section Overview
  • Tools of MATHia Demo
  • MATHia Instructional Tools (Workspace Types)
  • Understanding the Skillometer and Progress Meter
  • Check for Understanding: Tools of MATHia
  • Tools of MATHia Reflection
  • Learning Together Observation (⁓90 min)
  • Learning Together Observation Section Overview
  • Lesson Observation: Your Choice
  • Lesson Preview
  • Lesson Observation: U.S. Shirts
  • Lesson Observation: A Sort of Sorts
  • Lesson Content and Pedagogy Reflection
  • Introduction to Teacher’s Toolkit: The MATHia Teacher’s Perspective (⁓30 min)
  • Introduction to Teacher's Toolkit Section Overview
  • Accessing Your Teacher's Toolkit
  • Teacher's Toolkit Exploration
  • Check for Understanding: Teacher's Toolkit
  • Teacher's Toolkit Support
  • Facilitating MATHia in Your Classroom (⁓40 min)
  • Facilitating MATHia in Your Classroom Section Overview
  • Instructional Approach in MATHia
  • Preparing the Environment for MATHia
  • Teacher Responsibilities for Facilitating MATHia
  • Student Responsibilities in MATHia
  • LiveLab Introduction (with optional Tour)
  • Tips for Connecting MATHia and MATHbook
  • MATHia: Done and Yet to Do
  • Additional Resources (⁓40 min)
  • Additional Resources Section Overview
  • Edulastic Guided Exploration with Video or On Your Own
  • Intro to MyPL & Community
  • MyPL & Community Exploration
  • The Collaborative Classroom (⁓45 min)
  • The Collaborative Classroom Section Overview
  • Transitioning to a LONG + LIVE + MATH Classroom
  • Students Working Together Article
  • Discussion Board: The Collaborative Classroom
  • Reflection: First Few Days of School
  • Discussion Board: MyPL Video Choice
  • Stoplight Reflection
  • Planning Effectively: ENGAGE (⁓15 min)
  • Planning Effectively: ENGAGE Section Overview
  • Module 1 Overview
  • Long Term Planning
  • Planning Effectively: DEVELOP (⁓90 min)
  • Planning Effectively: DEVELOP Section Overview
  • Topic 1 Overview
  • Topic Planning Process Task
  • Planning Effectively: TEACH (⁓90 min)
  • Planning Effectively: TEACH Section Overview
  • Create a Lesson Plan
  • Padlet: Sharing Lesson Plans
  • Quick Tips for Pacing
  • The Arc of Assessment (⁓30 min)
  • The Arc of Assessment Section Overview
  • Reading: Comprehensive Assessment
  • What, So What, Now What
  • Discussion Board: The Arc of Assessment
  • Closing Activities (⁓15 min)
  • Closing Activities Section Overview
  • Preparing the Environment, Learners, and Support
  • Ink Your Thinking: KWL Chart
  • End of Course Survey
  • MyCL Account Access
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever