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6.08 Graphing Quantitative Relationships (dtm-6.08-mb)

Doing the Math National Series

Module 3: Determining Unknown Quantities
Topic 3: Graphing Quantitative Relationships

PD Hours: 2

  • Welcome to the Doing the Math Series!
  • Arc of the Mathematics (10 mins)
  • Module Overview 4: Determining Unknown Quantities
  • Topic Overview 3: Graphing Quantitative Relationships
  • Module 4 Topic 3 Lesson: Every Graph Tells a Story (50 MIN)
  • Check for Understanding: Match and Analyze
  • Padlet: Match and Analyze
  • Check for Understanding: Quantities That Change
  • Discussion Board: Reflecting on 6.08 Activity: Total Price and Profit
  • Check for Understanding: Profit and Total Price
  • Check for Understanding: The Question Matters
  • Module 4 Topic 2 Lesson: The Power of the Intersection (60 MIN)
  • Check for Understanding: Selling Pretzels
  • Padlet: Using a Graph to Determine Unknown Quantities
  • Discussion Board: Reflecting on Using a Graph to Determine Unknown Quantities
  • Assignment: Shipping Charges
  • Check for Understanding: Shipping Charges
  • Discussion Board: Reflecting on Shipping Charges Activity
  • Assignment: Shipping Charges
  • Closing Thoughts
  • Closing
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever